Hole-In-One Breakfast
Three eggs any style, two strips of bacon, a sausage patty and ham,
served with toast and home fries – 7.99

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
Slow-simmered corned beef brisket shredded with roasted potatoes, carrots
and spices, served with two eggs any style, toast and home fries – 8.79

Nanny’s Potato Pancakes
One of our family favorites, served with two eggs any style,
ham, bacon or sausage, and toast – 8.29

Two by Two
Two eggs any style, short stack of pancakes or French toast, and your
choice of two pieces of bacon, a sausage patty or a slice of ham – 7.49

Country Breakfast
Two eggs any style and two sausage patties on a grilled homemade
buttermilk biscuit, topped with our own creamy sausage gravy, and served
with home fries – 8.49
Try it on our bacon scallion cheddar biscuit – 8.99

Garden Scramble
Two scrambled eggs with mushrooms, sautéed onions, peppers and
roasted tomatoes, served with home fries and choice of toast – 6.99

Biscuit and Gravy
A toasted homemade biscuit topped with our own creamy
sausage gravy – 4.29

Substitute fresh-cut fruit for home fries- 1.59


An English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and
hollandaise sauce, served with home fries – 8.29

Eggs Mulligan
Two poached eggs and homemade corned beef hash on an English muffin,
topped with hollandaise sauce and served with home fries – 8.99

Crab Cake
Premium crabmeat crab cakes, pan-fried and placed on a bed of fresh
spinach, topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – 11.99

Our own potato pancakes topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise
sauce, served with fresh fruit salad – 8.49

Homemade focaccia bread topped with fresh baby spinach, mushrooms,
tomatoes, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – 8.29

Grilled biscuit with cheddar cheese, bacon, and scallions topped with two
poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with home fries – 7.99


Our take on the omelet: sautéed toppings cooked into the eggs,
folded over and served with home fries and toast.
Substitute potato pancakes- 1.99

Fresh basil, roasted tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese – 7.69

Sautéed onions, peppers, ham and cheese – 7.99

Baby spinach, tomatoes, sautéed onions and Feta cheese – 7.99

Fresh tomatoes with crisp, lean bacon, sautéed onions and melted cheddar
cheese – 7.99

Broccoli, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes – 7.69

Cheese or Choose
Plain with cheese or create your own from our list of fillings
Cheeses:American • Provolone • Swiss • Cheddar • Feta • Goat Cheese – 6.49
Fillings:Sausage Patty • Ham • Bacon • Canadian Bacon – 99¢ each
Tomato • Onion • Peppers • Mushroom • Spinach • Broccoli – 75¢ each


Three eggs omelet-style on homemade toasted foccacia bread,
served with home fries.

Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes
and cheddar cheese – 7.79

Onions, peppers, ham
and cheddar cheese – 7.99

Farmer’s Treat
Crumbled goat cheese, roasted
tomatoes and fresh cut basil – 7.79

Steak & Eggs
Lean shaved sirloin, grilled onions,
peppers and cheddar cheese – 7.99

Harvest Choice
Oven-roasted zucchini, yellow
squash, red bell peppers,
mushrooms, carrots, onions and
cheddar cheese – 7.99


Made with two fried eggs on a fresh potato roll with cheese and your
choice of bacon, ham or sausage patty – 4.50

Flour wrap or bagel substitute – 50¢ extra

Side of home fries – add 1.69


Garden Delite
Egg whites scrambled with broccoli,
mushrooms and roasted tomatoes,
served with homemade multigrain
toast – 7.29

Quiche of the Day
Homemade quiche filled with the
chef’s chosen ingredients, served
with fresh-cut fruit – 6.99

Seasonal Parfait
Fresh fruit, vanilla yogurt and
granola layered – 4.99

Turkey Bacon & Egg Whites
Two scrambled egg whites, served
with turkey bacon and homemade
multigrain toast – 7.29

Sweet Potato & Turkey Hash
Oven-roasted sweet potatoes,
red skin potatoes, green and red
peppers, onions and turkey breast
blended together, served with two
eggs any style and our multigrain
toast – 8.19



Two – 4.99 Three – 5.99

Fresh Blueberry or
Chocolate Chip

Two – 6.49 Three – 7.49

Cranberry Walnut Pancakes
Two – 6.49 Three – 7.49

Carrot Cake Pancakes
Served with whipped cinnamon
cream cheese
Two – 5.99 Three – 6.99

Blueberry Crunch
Sweet blueberries and
homemade granola
Two – 6.99 Three – 7.99


Your choice of our bakery’s
homemade wheat, white,
multigrain or raisin bread
Two – 4.99 Three – 5.99

Cinnamon roll
Made with our own ‘Hole-In-One’
cinnamon roll – 5.99

Apple Fritter
Raised yeast dough twisted with
cut apple and cinnamon – 5.99

Add bacon, ham, sausage patty or 100% maple syrup – 1.99 each


Homemade Breads
Wheat, white, multigrain,
raisin – 1.29
Also available: seedless rye or
Thomas’ English Muffin

Homemade Granola
side – 99¢

Hand Cut Donuts
20 varieties – 1.09

Fresh Baked Muffins– 2.09

Toasted Focaccia– 1.69
Substitute for toast – 60¢

Buttermilk Biscuit– 1.79
Substitute for toast 60¢

Bacon, Cheddar and Scallion
Buttermilk Biscuit
– 2.09
Substitute for toast – 90¢

Check the case – 1.99 – 3.99

Crab Cakes
Our own recipe, served on a bed of
spinach – 8.99

Nanny’s Potato Pancakes
Served with sour cream – 2.99
or applesauce – add 49¢

Corned Beef Hash
Made from scratch – 4.99


Served with toast and home fries
Add bacon, ham or sausage or substitute potato pancakes for home fries – $1.99
One Egg– 3.99 Two Eggs– 4.69 Three Eggs– 4.99


Kettle Boiled Bagel– 1.15
With cream cheese – 2.49
With flavored cream cheese – 2.99
• Scallion
• Veggie
• Tomato Basil
• Jalapeño Cheddar

Home Fries– 1.99

Bacon, Ham, Sausage
Patty, Canadian
– 2.49

Turkey Bacon– 2.79

Oatmeal– 2.99
Served with cinnamon and
brown sugar with blueberries,
strawberries, bananas, raisins or
Craisins – 3.99

French Vanilla Yogurt – 1.89

Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Bowl – 4.99
Cup – 3.49


This breakfast menu is available in our following locations:


5:00am – 4:00pm
7 days a week, year round.

98 Cranberry Highway, Orleans



May 28, 2015

Breakfast Special – Strawberry and Blueberry Pancakes

Homemade Quiche of the Day- Hash -n- Cheddar served with your choice of Fresh Fruit, Home Fries or a Salad

Sandwich – Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken in a roll up, with mixed greens, red peppers and tomatoes, served with chips.

Hot Comfort Lunch –Turkey Dinner

Homemade Soups of the Day –Chicken Summer Veggie with Orzo and Lasagna topped with a garlic toast and parm

Substitute a portion of fresh cut fruit for homefries